Writings Elsewhere

I’m virtually new to making submissions or entering contests, but I’m starting to see some success. Here is what I hope stands as a bit of proof. (This will hopefully be kept in chronological order.)

Several of the poems I wrote for Lyceum, a student-run fine arts journal from the University of Michigan-Dearborn (my undergraduate alma mater), are were available online. One of them placed in the university’s annual writing competition in 2010(?).

Rites of Passage” appeared at 101 Words, a web journal that publishes stories of 101 words (go figure). It is also available in the site’s first e-book, which, to the best of my knowledge, should still be provided free of charge if you sign up for their newsletter.

Best Friends” also appeared at 101 Words.

Da Capo All’Infinito” earned me a Winner’s Page at Micro Bookends, a weekly drabble challenge (90-110 words) run on Thursdays that provides a photo prompt and the first and last word that must be used as provided (unless otherwise noted). Unfortunately, this challenge is no longer active, but the site remains intact.

Two pieces were selected as winners at Three Line Thursday, another weekly challenge based on a photo prompt, limited to three lines and thirty words or less. The website, however, is no longer operating.

A Murder of One” appeared in Volume VI of Freeze Frame Fiction, a quarterly publication of short stories that even commissions a corresponding illustration for each piece! The site may eventually provide a means of purchasing it via an e-book. Exclusive rights remain in their hands until October, 2016.

Forgetting” has made its appearance at 101 Words.

…That’s all. For now. Hopefully, I can get back to making submissions and add to this list soon.

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