Explore My Mind

Photo courtesy of Lucian Aeris via Pixabay. The following crossing of haiku and senryu was written as participation in Ronovan Writes’ Haiku Challenge #247, using ‘Kind’ and ‘Mind.’ (Sorry for the font.)

Explore My Mind


2. Forgiveness
4. Suffering
6. Preservation
8. Mortality
11. Anticipation
13. Depression
14. Symbiosis


1. Growth
3. Tenderness
5. Forgetting
7. Sleep
9. Memorial
10. Neglect
12. Solitude


Network of Strings

Photo courtesy of Ruth Archer via Pixabay

The following network of haiku, senryu, and a tanka were written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #129, based upon the use of synonyms for ‘Hobby’ (‘diversion’) and ‘Play’ (‘performance’). The red and blue text are the pieces that primarily focus on and attend to the prompts while adhering to the standardized syllabic structure. Anyway, unthread this as you will. (Per usual, sorry for the shrunken font.)

Network of Strings

Between Narrow Plates

Photo courtesy of Heri Santoso via Pixabay

This threading of haiku (and a senryu or two) was written for participation in Ronovan Writes’ Haiku Challenge #246, based on the words ‘Narrow’ and ‘Minded’ (which I replaced with ‘inclined’). Don’t go forgetting the potential horizontal reads!

Between Narrow Plates

Multitudes of Potential

Photo courtesy of Kohji Asakawa via Pixabay.

The weaving of haiku that follows was written in response to Ronovan Writes’ Haiku Challenge #245, based on using ‘Easy’ and ‘Ride,’ which of course meant I had to complicate the journey. Each cluster of three (both horizontal and vertical) is intended to stand as a haiku or senryu (and yes, I know only the last abides by the 5/7/5 stylization), and hopefully the meandering nature of it leads somewhere meaningful. (Sorry for the size of the text; the formatting made fitting it difficult.)

Multitudes of Potential Haiku Chain