Photo courtesy of Pixabay user dre2uomaha0

The following poem, constructed of nonets and a reverse etheree, was warped together as participation in Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #130, a syllabic-centric poetry challenge.


Knotted Heartstrings

This piece, cleft into triptych nonets, was written in response to Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Weekly Challenge #127, which asks for syllabic poem(s) based on using synonyms to ‘Lead’ (‘command’) and ‘Follow’ (‘obey’). Hopefully each of the thirds read distinctly, while the center reflects the straight reading.

Knotted Heartstrings 2

Black Kite


Photo courtesy of Michel Kwan via Pixabay. This triptych is a loose interpretation of applying the words ‘Sound’ and ‘Motion’ provided through Ronovan Writes’ Weekly Haiku Challenge #244; ‘call’ can be read as synonymous to both in the sense of signalling.

Keep in mind this is better left to dissection than to one complete reading, so pull it apart as you please.

Black Kite

Bull Thistles


Photo courtesy of Sean Stratton via Unsplash. The following is a contribution to the collection of syllabic-centric entries at Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge.


Despite having never tested my hand with an etheree, I’ve been too corrupted by experimenting with polyptychs to ease into the form. The gap is intended to allow the piece to break into multiple readings: a standard etheree, an inverted one, a straight reading, and/or a possible double etheree (if you’re willing to think of one as the consequence of the other). Regardless, read it as you wish and I hope you enjoy any/all of the possibilities.Bull Thistles

Tint(-)Frosted Petals


Photo credit belongs to user KUMI0523 of Pixabay. The following clusters of haiku and tanka were written as response to Ronovan Writes’ Weekly Haiku Challenge 243, based on the use of ‘Float’ and ‘Swim.’ Join in or read others’ contributions through the above link.


This is a variation on the polyptychs I’ve been throwing on here, more focused on isolated (horizontal and vertical) readings than the whole reading with particular clarity. You can still choose to read straight through, but the jumble of punctuation necessary would have been too much clutter. Regardless, enjoy this any which way you assemble or dissect it.

Tint(-)Frosted Petals

The Impulse of Spring

Photo courtesy of Hao Svit via Unsplash.

The following is intended for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 125, based on using synonyms for “Origin” (impulse) and “Write” (draft). It’s not conventional, but hopefully the polyptych breaks down into a tanka and a few haiku. (Sorry for the piece appearing twice; it’s case one form turns illegible in the format you use to view.)

|the impulse of spring):   wind-kissed oasis            (littered with meaning-
|full buds waiting to be)  tucked under the horizon – (less lavishness
|unfurled in the night)    wanting to belong      ;     (the untrimmed first draft
|                                                a mirage of lush petals
|                                                forgetting to emit scents

The Impulse of Spring


Vesper Sparrow

Written as participation in Ronovan Writes’ Haiku Challenge #242, using the prompt words ‘Scream’ and ‘Feather.’ Since it’s already unconventional, I threw a tanka into the polyptych to see how it’d work, and have provided the same piece in two formats since there’ve been problems depending on screen size. (Sorry, I’m still trying to figure out how to go about presenting these.)

Vesper Sparrow

(wildflowered sunlight )                 [fingers scratch]   {the bronze vesper}
(sparrow lost in its love songs), [feathered   syrinx] {bells toll over     and over}
(the breathing  meadow)          [screams of nightlife]   {worship beginning}.
(congregant in genesis),
(origins dawned in twilight)