City Photography

Photo courtesy and copyright property of Dale Rogerson, provided for the express purpose of prompting the Friday Fictioneers community this week, as orchestrated by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields.

Do you see me?

Blurred out in the forefront
of your picturesque scene,

do you see me?

I am the ingrained graffiti
crystallized within the cellular walls
of your conscience,
disgendered by your scrubbing
clean the city litter
in the corners of expanded shadow,
but voiced with an all too familiar
because in the blanked space

you see me.

You see
the distorted angles of your shape
in the contrasting cast
of an outside light
you imagined haloing
your silhouette
when it all ever did was threaten
anyone’s chance
that they might some day
be able to

see me.


Photo courtesy and copyright property of Roger Bultot, provided for the express purpose of prompting Rochelle Wisoff-FieldsFriday Fictioneers drabbling community. Other works of 100 words may be found and/or contributed here.

The tree is knotted with tears.
They smell as bitter as they appear,
gobs of gummed up sorrow
that failed to fall
past an empty, round swell.
The yawning hollow’s warm
and miserable, beautiful
and tragic — a product of misshaped affection.

I want to climb inside, but can’t
figure out my own dimensions.

Myrrha, could you have been
as disastrous as Orpheus sang?
He tried to defy death
in the name of his love
before being rent into islands
by a scorned forest of women.
Only then did he know Eurydice again,

when vines and bark climbed
over our hollows.

Explore My Mind

Photo courtesy of Lucian Aeris via Pixabay. The following crossing of haiku and senryu was written as participation in Ronovan Writes’ Haiku Challenge #247, using ‘Kind’ and ‘Mind.’ (Sorry for the font.)

Explore My Mind


2. Forgiveness
4. Suffering
6. Preservation
8. Mortality
11. Anticipation
13. Depression
14. Symbiosis


1. Growth
3. Tenderness
5. Forgetting
7. Sleep
9. Memorial
10. Neglect
12. Solitude

Network of Strings

Photo courtesy of Ruth Archer via Pixabay

The following network of haiku, senryu, and a tanka were written for Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday #129, based upon the use of synonyms for ‘Hobby’ (‘diversion’) and ‘Play’ (‘performance’). The red and blue text are the pieces that primarily focus on and attend to the prompts while adhering to the standardized syllabic structure. Anyway, unthread this as you will. (Per usual, sorry for the shrunken font.)

Network of Strings