Don’t Distract the Eye

Photo courtesy of David Mark via Pixabay. The following 99 words, including the prompt word ’eminence,’ were written as my inaugural attempt to meet the Flash Fiction Challenge posited by Charli Mills of the Carrot Ranch Literary Community.

His robe is stained a rich eminence that cloaks its blemishes. Blotches that might dominate lesser colors hide within its royal polyester landscape: mudded fields of chaw, puddles of scuffed up gum, and dry riverbeds of alcohol and urine that flow with their lingering scents, but don’t distract the eye. Leaning under the low hum of a lamppost in his regal purple embroidery, he is the back edge of dusk, the swell between the sun and burning constellations lost in light pollution — what we see, but overlook. He is the king of the street, the embodiment of his domain.

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