Photo prompt courtesy and copyright property of Dale Rogerson supplied for Rochelle Wisoff-Fields‘ Friday Fictioneers challenge. Others’ drabbles based on the image are available through the Inlinkz button at the bottom (and participation is welcome).

A cotton candy web hangs between dusk-touched branches. The pink and purple threads aren’t disguised in the lowering light, their allure only heightened by the pastel sky.

Flinches flexing through the web show I’m not the only one engrossed by it, the flap of wings too frail to sound. A clutch of legs nimbly tightrope the strands with reverence for the patronage. The legs and wings tangle in creative differences as the wings are worked into another masterpiece of the gallery. And as I marvel at the cruel truth behind art, I fail to notice mosquitoes artlessly siphoning my blood.

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21 thoughts on “Patronage

  1. The cruel beauty of nature with life and death as art. It is almost too removed from life with the artful descriptions. And then reality bites. This last line is perfect, it puts everything into perspective again. To eat and be eaten…

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