Bull Thistles


Photo courtesy of Sean Stratton via Unsplash. The following is a contribution to the collection of syllabic-centric entries at Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge.


Despite having never tested my hand with an etheree, I’ve been too corrupted by experimenting with polyptychs to ease into the form. The gap is intended to allow the piece to break into multiple readings: a standard etheree, an inverted one, a straight reading, and/or a possible double etheree (if you’re willing to think of one as the consequence of the other). Regardless, read it as you wish and I hope you enjoy any/all of the possibilities.Bull Thistles

19 thoughts on “Bull Thistles

    • Thank you for reading and for the challenge (and for further explanation about cleave poems; I’m not all that familiar with them). I tried to take it up with this week’s prompts, but the two sides probably won’t register in contrasts.


      • Your poem is satisfying because you have the constraint of the syllable count, so there’s a symmetry in the shape of it. The cleave usually has a contrast in meaning between the two sides otherwise you end up with three poems all saying the same thing. It’s a difficult one to pull off and I only ever attempt it if I’m feeling masochistic :)

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