The Impulse of Spring

Photo courtesy of Hao Svit via Unsplash.

The following is intended for Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 125, based on using synonyms for “Origin” (impulse) and “Write” (draft). It’s not conventional, but hopefully the polyptych breaks down into a tanka and a few haiku. (Sorry for the piece appearing twice; it’s case one form turns illegible in the format you use to view.)

|the impulse of spring):   wind-kissed oasis            (littered with meaning-
|full buds waiting to be)  tucked under the horizon – (less lavishness
|unfurled in the night)    wanting to belong      ;     (the untrimmed first draft
|                                                a mirage of lush petals
|                                                forgetting to emit scents

The Impulse of Spring


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