Photo prompt copyright and courtesy of Jean L. Hays expressly for the purposes of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields’ Friday Fictioneers community. Others’ contributions related to this prompt can be found via the above link.

It’s a haven for squatters, an existence altogether abandoned. Every element of it’s lost like us, save for the rotary phone preserved from early pillages and later pilgrimages. The ring is nostalgic, and we let it jingle while lapsing into fantasies of being remembered. Or wanted.

Once, when the memory of mattering hurt too much, I answered the call. His voice was fragile, too delicate to carry through the speaker with any authority behind the order.

When I showed up at his crumbling doorstep, the sandwich bought elsewhere out of my own worm-eaten pocket, he thanked me. And I, him.

19 thoughts on “Mattering

    • Thank you for interpreting this with tenderness. Unconditional generosity may seem like a thing of the past, but it’s surely not extinguished entirely; there’s still some hope out there.
      And my apologies for any troubles there may have been regarding your comment appearing; my spam folder has snagged a couple comments of late, and I have only recently thought to start checking it.

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