Long Lost

The peephole shrunk her
to suit my memories. Years of regret
rattled my ribcage at her rapping.

When I opened up, she didn’t
recognize me and mispronounced my name,

so I told her the truth:
the person she wanted disappeared long ago.

23 thoughts on “Long Lost

    • That’s the trouble of romanticizing such encounters. Expectations or assumptions of any sort almost guarantee a letdown.
      And the narrator was left to just a biological parent. Whether mom or dad, it was left ungendered to let readers sculpt that figure as they saw fit, though using “she” for the visitor may have some influence on projecting the other character.


    • Thank you. I certainly struggled to cram this one into 42 words, rewriting it several times.
      And my apologies for any issues you may have had posting this; I don’t know why, but it was inexplicably marked as spam.


  1. “The peephole shrunk her to suit my memories…” Love these words (and the rest of the poem). Strikes me that these words could be applied to a high school or college reunion! :)
    Ah, good poetry makes the mind leap!


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