One, Living

Photo prompt courtesy and copyright property of PricelessJoy via Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers. Others’ contributions may be found here. Participation is open to all (this is my first time), just visit FFAW for guidelines.

Ekavi sat at the picnic table with a crinkled ribbon string clumsily tied around her wrist. The blue nylon balloon at the other end tried to pull her away, but she did not budge.

Ekavi watched the drops dribbling down all around her. She listened to the hollow thumps that rippled along the blue balloon and traced the trails that trickled across the canvassed canopy of the unopened parasol. She waited for the teary globules to nestle on the frosting of her birthday cake and ate away each world’s sorrow.

|                                        muffled         rain                              singing
|                                        soft              folded umbrella          blues
|                                        weeping                      aches              away

I’ve never tried a haibun before, but really wanted to try some form of haiku for this image. It may look weird, but the haiku is fragmented with the intent of encouraging varied methods of reading. Have fun piecing together what you may!

3 thoughts on “One, Living

  1. This is beautiful and beautifully done. Wouldn’t that be nice if we really could eat away the world’s sorrows? What a concept! Excellent story! Welcome to the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge! I hope to get to read more stories from you.


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