River Rouge

.pale                  fallen ashes
.                        ford    running                oily waters
.carry me               away

This is my debut haiku for Ronovan Writes’ Haiku Challenge. Please disregard the periods at the beginning of each line; it was a means of manually controlling the spacing in the second line and I added them in the other lines simply for the sake of uniformity. It may appear disorderly, but it’s intended as three haiku in one (some assembly may be required).

Oh, and since someone else wrote about Michigan, the Rouge River (or River Rouge; it goes by both names) runs through Metro Detroit and once supported the largest factory in the world (the Ford River Rouge Complex). Though it’s seeing conservation efforts nowadays, it has been thoroughly damaged by industrial waste and sewage, to the point of catching fire in 1969 and causing the death of someone who fell in its toxic waters in 1985. It’s an unfortunate part of the river’s history, but a history nonetheless.

5 thoughts on “River Rouge

  1. Not sure if it’s necessary to acknowledge, but I used “ford” in place of “bridge,” while “running” and/or “carry” take the place of “move.” Just a bit of a forewarning, but if I continue to participate, don’t expect that I’ll rigidly follow the words offered as the challenge; I’m kind of stubborn about choosing my own words. From my understanding, it sounds acceptable so long as they are closely associated, so I hope this is acceptable.

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